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Ion Torrent

Ion Torrent Genexus Integrated Sequencer

The Ion Torrent Genexus Integrated Sequencer is part of the Genexus System, the first turnkey next-generation sequencing (NGS) solution. Comprised of two instruments, the Genexus Purification System and the Genexus Integrated Sequencer, the Genexus System enables a workflow from biological specimen all the way to the final report with results delivered in as little as a single day*. The Genexus Integrated Sequencer can also be used as a stand-alone instrument to automate NGS library preparation, sequencing, and analysis all on a single platform.

Using the multi-lane GX5 Chip, which is designed to support variability in sample intake, samples can be processed cost-effectively as they come in.

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Ion GeneStudio S5 Systems

Expand your research to cover 2M to 130M sequencing reads per run with this scalable platform

The Ion GeneStudio S5 systems are designed to enable a broad range of targeted
next-generation sequencing (NGS) applications with speed and scalability.
Five Ion S5 chips enable a sequencing throughput range of 2M to 130M reads per run.

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