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Ion Torrent Instruments

Bring fast, automated, end-to-end next-generation sequencing
to your lab

One complete system
The Ion Torrent™ Genexus™ System is the first turnkey next-generation
sequencing (NGS) solution that automates the end-to-end workflow from
the biological specimen all the way to the final report and delivers results
in as little as a single day with just two user touchpoints.*


This highly flexible system lets you process samples
cost-effectively as they arrive. Its simplicity and practicality
make it easy for your clinical research or testing lab to
bring NGS in-house, regardless of your lab’s current level
of NGS experience.

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Same simple workflow, same flexibility.
Now faster and more scalable than ever.

The Ion GeneStudio™ S5 series is a new line of benchtop
next-generation sequencing (NGS) systems that enable you
to efficiently run small and large projects across multiple
research applications, with the simplest sample-to-data

NGS workflow and superior speed. With flexibility powered
by the ability to choose from five Ion Torrent™ chips, these
systems offer the opportunity to conduct wide-ranging
experiments on a single platform.

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Simple, reproducible automated sequencing

The Ion Torrent Ion Chef System simplifies the workflow for Ion GeneStudio S5 Series, Ion PGM,
and Ion Proton systems, providing an automated, walk-away workflow solution for Ion AmpliSeq library
preparation and reproducible template preparation and chip loading.

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Comprehensive gene coverage with the least amount of DNA
Ion AmpliSeq™ technology delivers simple and fast library construction for affordable targeted
sequencing of specific genes or genomic regions. Based on ultrahigh-multiplex PCR,
Ion AmpliSeq technology requires as little as 1 ng of input DNA to target sets of genes,
making sequencing of FFPE samples routine on Ion PGM™ or Ion S5™ systems.


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Bioinformatics designed for accuracy
The Ion Reporter data analysis process helps ensure you get high quality data by prioritizing
and annotating variants. It completes with a report that simplifies your bioinformatics path to
discovery by enabling you to focus on
finding the biological meaning of your data.

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Sequencing Education
Sequencing is the process of reading the nucleotides present in DNA or RNA molecules.
There are two types of sequencing technologies that are used today: Sanger sequencing 
and next-generation sequencing.

Our scientists have long been at the forefront of sequencing technology,
starting with the introduction of the first capillary sequencers over 25 years ago,

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